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The survey shows the role of Shusha as a cultural cradle of Azerbaijan. From the given data, there is evident that in occupied territories of the country an outward as well as incorporeal heritage, i. The loss of the region inflicted humanitarian catastrophe and ruined the continuity of long-lasting tradition. The conclusion has been made, that destruction of local monuments and artefacts does great harm for the state of Azerbaijan. Restitution of the Upper Garabagh is one of the main questions of the day, because every nation has a right to use its heritage freely.

Keywords: Upper Garabagh, destruction, culture, heritage, law.

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Introduction From the middle of the 20th century to this day with the end of the Cold War humanity faces new grave wars and military conflicts, which in the beginning of the 21st century only grow in scale and means. Many human rights organizations register demolitions and human losses in the Middle East as well as in occupied Crimea peninsula Ukraineinjured parts of former Soviet Union Republics Georgia, Moldova, or autonomic regions like Chechnya, not to mention earlier akcijų pasirinkimo instrukcijos and religious wars in Balkans, conflicts between India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, or situation in Afrika.

The Upper Garabagh is one of such violent points in a map of the world. Military acts produce severe damages to the people and environment, unleash millions of refugees, and the whole international life turn into tense, unsafe and timeless field of battle. Beside human victims, the entire layers of historical and cultural legacy suffer extinction.

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In a modern global world-view and with the rapid progress of technical revolution we can see that question of Upper Garabagh esquires a new dimension and importance.

The scale of destruction in the Upper Garabagh considering cruel genocide against Azerbaijanis and other peaceful population, 1 million refugees, expropriation of wealth, homes and lands, and almost total demolition of buildings can be compared with those which took place in Palmyra or Allepo Syria.

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Hundreds of Islamic culture monuments, mosques, temples, cemeteries, etc. I also have to note that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia refused to officially recognize Armenia because of its occupation of the Azerbaijani territories, while Turkey has not established any relations with this country. Currently five Muslim states have officially recognized Khojaly genocide.

We consider all this as an example of brotherly relationship and real support. For the first time, heads of more than 25 international organizations participated in the forum, joint high-level meeting of the heads of these organizations and 40 sessions and events took place.

The provisions of the international agreements on the topic are being strictly trys prekybos pagreičio rodiklių paslaptys davidas pennas, and many efforts made on the highest levels to solve this problem.

Azerbaijan is opening itself to the world with a peace offer, but requires the same honesty from other countries. Culture is more and more recognized as a powerful mean for this task.

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This is a clash between those who do not believe that we can live together, and those who believe that we can. That means, that it calls for different point of view from the side of international community. When the plans did not come true, Stalin invented compensation for wounded feelings of Armenians on an account of humiliated Azerbaijani minorities in Armenia. That way the theme of famous deportations was raised, and during Soviet time there have been two large-scale deportations of Azerbaijanis Trys prekybos pagreičio rodiklių paslaptys davidas pennas this end helped propaganda campaign, formation of negative opinion about Azerbaijan, even armed provocations and terrorist attacks.

Šioms veikloms buvo organizuojamos leidėjų darbo grupės, todėl dalis LLA narių turėjo galimybę pristatyti lietuvių autorių knygas leidėjams ir literatūros agentams iš kitų šalių. Leidėjų darbas davė puikių rezultatų — lietuviškai parašytos knygos prakalbo įvairiomis užsienio kalbomis. Itin aktyvūs buvo vaikų knygų leidėjai, šiandien galintys pasidžiaugti, kad jų knygas įvertino ne tik Lietuvos skaitytojai, bet ir užsienio leidėjai, pasiryžę jas leisti savo kalba. Nors statistika rodo, jog vaikų knygų leidyba Lietuvoje šiek tiek traukiasi nuo pavadinimų metais iki pavadinimų —aisiaistai netrukdo lietuviškoms knygoms keliauti per pasaulį. Knyga prancūzų kalba pasirodys jau kitų metų balandį, o italų kalba — spalį.

In the eyes of the world Armenia became a victim, not an aggressor, and in the process of negotiations both sides seem standing on the same level. As a result, 20 Azerbaijani died, persons were wounded, 50 persons became disabled. Especially brutal cleansing happened in over the night on February in Khojali: the city was raised to the ground, burned, persons were killed, people became invalid, inhabitants were taken hostages while the fate of persons remain unknown to this day.

As prof. Similar neglect regarding Minsk protocols can be seen in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. To our point of view, phenomena mentioned above — natural consequences of vandalism.

Rebuilding of the region requires huge investments. The colonists themselves need relief. Further, the main question arises, what to do in the area, which is wiped out of its cultural layer? As a result of occupation nearly residential areas, 22 museums and four art galleries, nine historically important palaces, 40 museums, 44 temples and nine mosques were destroyed, plundered and burnt.

In addition, libraries, 4. The truth disagrees with Armenian future plans, and this country is not going to accept Upper Garabagh as a part of Azerbaijan and to end aggressive policy.

Armenia pays no attention to the Resolutions of UN. But Azerbaijan can restore its territorial integrity using military way and will never let to create the second Armenian state on the Azerbaijani land. The conflict actually only grows and if not solved, it can burst into another bloody tragedy. In some of them, according to Azerbaijani academicians, nuclear waste was landfilled, in the parks old trees cut down, [14] and instead narcotic plants grow. They change hydronyms and toponyms in Republic of Armenia which have foreign trys prekybos pagreičio rodiklių paslaptys davidas pennas and in occupied territories create supposedly Gregorian heritage, especially in religious aspect.

As Faig Ismayilov points out in his book on the aspects which are unknown to the international scientific community, cultural heritage is cultural and historical wealth of nations. Such acts are considered unacceptable under international laws and conventions.

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The Parties of the Convention should pass laws in their legislation to penalize those who commit or order to be committed a breach of the Convention. The document prepared by the Secretariat includes the legal analysis of clauses concerning occupied territories in the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its two protocols and the provisions concerning the occupied territories, the implementation mechanisms of relevant clauses, and other aspects.


The possibility of sending to occupied territories technical missions of UNESCO is mentioned in the conclusion of the document in order to monitor the state of the protection of cultural property in occupied territories. Thearchitecture of Caucasian Albania — one of the first Christian states in the world — is a separate page in the history of Azerbaijan architecture. Soon after this Alban state and religion lost its independence as a result of densely settlement of Armenians in the western areas of Caucasian Albania, more precisely, in the Karabakh region from the end of the 18th century, and the process of armenization and gregorianazation of local people began.

This event was a cause for the destruction or armenianization of Christian cultural heritage in Transcaucasia. Thus, the manuscripts in the Caucasian Albanian churches were translated into Armenian and  the original manuscripts burned and the inscription samples were changed in the interior of monasteries.

In the 18th century there appeared a series of khanates among which the biggest were Garabagh, Ganja, Erivan, Shaki, Shirvan. Karabalayi-Safi Khan Garabaghi created original architectural school and built almost all the major religious buildings in Shusha. Nakhchivan  — one of the most ancient towns of Azerbaijan having important strategic location. In the 12th century the town went through the period of high rise of architectural-building activity.

The outstanding architect Ajami ibn Abubakr Nakhchyvani was the founder of Nakhchivan school. His masterpieces are mausoleums.

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Not only in occupied regions, but in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic acts of vandalism can be traced. In fact the book on Armenian vandalism is detailed wrap-up in names, numbers and units, which abundantly shows misdeeds of occupants. İnteresting fact comes to the surface about strange constructions — memorial ensembles, which have no similarities in the world, because they are built in the territory of Azerbaijan, but are raised to the memory of the terrorists who committed the bloody massacres in Azerbaijan and in other parts of the world.

They are robbed of the most vital part of individual and collective body of the country with all the consequences.

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That is why the government of Azerbaijan pays so much attention to Upper Garabagh and Shusha as a historical craddle of distinct culture, which is most important for the future of people and world cultural heritage in particular. During his reign there was a lot of construction work in the city. Only the number of architectural objects here equals to about two hundred: castles of Ibrahim Khalil Khan and his daughter, Gara Boyuk khanum, Ganja Gates, the fortress wall etc.

In the 18th century many craftsman quarters were created in the city, rapid development was in trade. There were cathedrals, a two storeyed caravanserai, and magnificent Juma mosque. In the first half of the 19th century the population of the city increased to 20 thousand. In in the Shusha uezd there were numerous factories: 42 silk winding workshops, 28 cotton processing factories, 30 leather processing factories, 1 brick factory an so on.

Shusha was known as the jewellery centre of Azerbaijan, at the same time the city was the centre of famous Garabagh carpet school. The 19th century was marked by strong cultural rise in Shusha.

Poets, painters, astronomers, architects, doctors and other representatives of elite lived here. Literary, musical and other societies, madrasas, schools and colleges flourished and made Shusha a perl of Azerbaijan. But the greatest achievements was done in music sphere. Shusha became a musical academy of the Caucasus.

The Garabagh mugham school has a reputation for the best. Special form of mugham is Segeh, which is highly ellaborated and emotional. With him worked such stars as conductor Muslim Magomaiyev, soloists Saravski and Sevched Mamedova, his brother Jeyhun.

Hajibeyli is an author of national anthem. In Shusha was born and died poet, artist, music historian, astronomer, carpenter, chemist and matematician Mir Mohsun Navvab He penned more than 20 books on various topics related to science and arts. He also created the first typography in Shusha and Azerbaijan, first literary and music societies.

Shusha with beautiful nature, geographical location is a fortress with vital strategical importance. Mountain-climatic and balneological resorts of Azerbaijan were situated here. After the invasion of Armenian armed forces in Shusha on May 8,many monuments and buildings were destroyed. The tragedy still rings in peoples ears. From this book it is evident, that for Azerbaijanis Shusha represents not only the loss of territory, but the irreparable loss of cultural roots that date back mike brown prekybos sistemos laboratorija. He told how major nations were supporting the conflict and were pursuing their own self-interests.

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He said that war was not just being fought on the battlefield but in a broader arena — in the capitals of major countries — in places where interests clashed between international corporations, major banks and dealers in arms, drugs and oil. How is that the Bosnians fought to the last drop of blood to defend their land?

How is it that our own young people sacrificed their lives for the sake of the lands in northeast Turkey? How could the Azerbaijanis give up their lands so easily without struggling and fighting for them?

This is a great task for the scientists, too. Ismaiylov in his study proposes, that currently the occupied territories and lands of historical and cultural significance of Shusha should be considered as special reserved territories and protected by the relevant agencies of the UN. Lastly it is hard do not agree with the researcher, that the protection of Shusha historical — cultural reserve would be a model indicator for the protection of the part of the world culture.

Conclusions The analysis of Upper Garabagh conflict shows that Armenian armed forces did illegal crimes against human rights and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and injured its historical and cultural heritage.

In order to get Armenian armed forces out of occupied parts of Azerbaijan another kind of measures must be taken into account. The country is ready to solve the problem in any way, which is in line with the international law, but conscientious attitude from the Armenia is important to prevent future amplification of the conflict.

İt must be noted that Prekybos pasirinkimo brokerių sąrašas is giving the rare example of patience and wisdom in conducting negotiations and prooves its high ancient culture and traditional tolerance.

Globalisation processes and tense time, similar conflicts in a world suggest that humanitarian catastrophe probably would come to an end on a larger scale and in more than one country.