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There are usually too many factors that make it complicated to simply disentangle the lives of two people who were married. This is particularly true when children are in the picture. Some lawyers forget that at the heart of the matter, divorce is an extremely tough situation in which to find oneself.

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The attorneys at Emblem Legal are dedicated to serving those who need professional assistance with family law in Charlotte, NC and will always have your best interests in mind. We work tirelessly to achieve the most effective solutions in each of the following family law issues.

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Separation : Before a divorce can be granted in the state of North Carolina, it must be preceded by a legal separation of one year. We will help you to get this process started by drafting an official Separation Agreement and Property Settlement.

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Divorce : Once the required time for separation has been completed, we will begin to move forward into the actual divorce process if that is what you still want.

A complaint for absolute divorce will be filed in paprasta algoritminė prekybos strategija district court, and we will begin putting together a case legit telegram bitcoin bot without investment trial court unless you and your spouse have come to a mutual agreement on all the important points. Assets and Support: Divorce will have a significant impact on your future financial situation.

We will fight to protect your interests and get the most reasonable judgment in your favor when it comes to the division of assets, child support, and alimony. Child Custody and Visitation : The stakes are always high in child custody cases. We will also help to establish visitation schedules that have minimal conflict with their education and extracurricular activities.

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Because of this, we are careful to assess each situation carefully before deciding the best approach to reach a resolution. We highly value keeping the peace while making sure justice is served at the same time, so whenever possible, we encourage our clients to pursue a non-confrontational agreement.

June 14, by Stephen Corby A previous article discussed a divorce from bed and board. Here, we discuss the grounds for an absolute divorce.

We will take the time to discuss your individual needs and thoroughly explain what you can expect throughout the divorce and child custody processes so you can be properly prepared.